Awakening the Illuminated Heart

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The Old Ones

We seek a future in outer space, while relinquishing the lifeline to our past. And yet it is this past - our ancestors - that contains the knowledge we must have to reach the stars. The keepers of knowledge and wisdom In many indigenous cultures, as in ancient times, the oldest people are considered the wise ones. As it was everywhere in times gone by, the old ones in these remote tribes are still respected and revered. They are the ones who advise the tribe in their political...

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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

  • The sacred space of the heart - the timeless dimension of the consciousness, the ultimate source of all secrets...
  • Awakening of the Illuminated Heart - the world-famous course of Drunvalo Melchizedek in English.
  • The consciousness of the Earth and humanity has come to a point where we are ready to create from the heart again.
  • The glory shining above the heads of the Saints is also your innate ability to create your own.
  • Step into the sacred space of the heart and experience the real Joy, the true purpose of your existence!
  • The next level of the consciousness of the humanity - stepping into the sacred space of the heart...
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