Awakening the Illuminated Heart

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Life and Death

I was living in the high desert north of Taos, New Mexico. It was, I believe, 1992. I remember the sky was clear and blue, and I can still taste the dry desert air as I breathed softly and rhythmically. That morning I had been meditating longer than I usually did, and as I slowly came back into my body I could feel a presence directly in front of me. I opened my eyes, and there was my mother. I had never seen her like this before, shimmering in a golden light. What I mean is, my...

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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

  • The sacred space of the heart - the timeless dimension of the consciousness, the ultimate source of all secrets...
  • Awakening of the Illuminated Heart - the world-famous course of Drunvalo Melchizedek in English.
  • The consciousness of the Earth and humanity has come to a point where we are ready to create from the heart again.
  • The glory shining above the heads of the Saints is also your innate ability to create your own.
  • Step into the sacred space of the heart and experience the real Joy, the true purpose of your existence!
  • The next level of the consciousness of the humanity - stepping into the sacred space of the heart...
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