Living in the Hearts

Bikram yoga

Dear Yogini and Yogi Mate!

Let me greet You with love, my name is László Zoltán Nagy.

More than eleven years ago, on 19 December 2000, Sequoia my girlfriend of the time, -by the way she is an ashtanga yoga teacher-, came up with the idea of visiting the lesson of the craziest Bikram yoga teacher in San Diego. Since she could not get me hooked on ashtanga yoga, this idea of hers sounded witty and foolish, but I am always available for fun. To my question what Bikram is and why it is funny I got the answer: Just wait and see!!!
All right, I said, and the following morning at seven o’clock I found myself on a Bikram yoga lesson.

The first shocking experience of the „crazy” moments: industrial heaters were blowing out unbearable heat into the studio! Listening to my intuition, „for the sake of staying alive” I stayed at the door to feel the cool breeze coming from outside through the rift underneath the door. This seemed to be little to overcome the returning thought of giving it all up. Only my vanity prevented me from doing so, because next to me a grey-haired lady in her 60s was steadily doing the exercises throughout the lesson. Of course the teacher noticed my agony. When he noticed that I had experienced a sequence of small deaths, standing behind me he just asked on a sarcastic voice: Yoga???...hmmmm...

In spite of this I fell in love with Bikram yoga immediately. As soon as we returned to the hotel I lay down the bed feeling pleasantly exhausted. With eyes open, staring at the ceiling I went into raptures and surrendered myself to the wildest ecstatic experience… and Sequoia had nothing to do with it!

Returning to my home in Sarasota, Florida, I started going to the local Bikram studio 2-3 times a week, and who knows what could have been the sequel of this if I do not interrupt my path of life with a four and a half-year-long experience in jail in Australia.

At the end of 2003, at the time of my “sabbatical journey” I came across a Bikram book in the library which I read immediately. This book reinforced me to commit myself to Bikram yoga. Bikram’s powerful energy was pouring from the book. I was like a sponge, sucking his words and felt, that behind the crazy face a genius is living.
November 8, 2003 became a milestone in my life, because that is when I started Bikram’s classic 60-day challenge, which I fulfilled.

One of the most outstanding experiences of the remaining years was when me and my five fellow prisoners dressed in our sweat suits with the sun blazing down, ignoring the thousands of flies, were doing the 90-minute lesson quietly as always.
These lessons achieved such a reputation that as my release was approaching and I was transported into another jail, I was welcomed with the words: The yoga teacher has arrived!

Thanks to Bikram yoga I could experience this period as a retreat into a yoga ashram. The daily practice of yoga and focusing on the asanas helped me through these years. It transformed me in such a way that I manage to perform my best in the experiences that are far from usual.

From November 2005 I visited the Bikram studio on Rózsadomb. During the yoga, my ears, which got used to the silence, were startled to listen to the non-stop speaking of the teacher who did not seem to shut up even for a minute!

In 2006 I started conducting The Flower of Life courses in Hungary, which has meant a regular activity since then. Besides this the Bikram yoga lessons 3-5 times a week were not a real challenge for me, neither was the 30-day one, as I started with the 60-day challenge. That is why the next and inevitable logical step was to take part at the 2009 Palm Desert Bikram Teacher Training representing the Astoria Studio.
This training was one of the most essential experiences of my life. It was a real challenge for me, but besides the entire endeavor I shared countless unforgettable moments of fun and laughter.

I am looking forward to meeting You on the lessons so that I could share with You in a joyful manner my nearly 10 years’ experience of Bikram yoga packed into 90 minutes.

With love: