Living in the Hearts


A Note from Drunvalo Melchizedek

In the ancient schools, such as in Egypt, the female or right-brained aspect of the Mystery School (the Left Eye of Horus) always came first. The student began there working on their emotional healing, and after the emotional healing took place, then the left-brained aspect was taught (the Right Eye of Horus).

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The Divine Feminine and the Precession of the Equinoxes

Female/Male: an eternal cycle of the two basic forces in creation! And it's a cycle that must be moved with, or we find ourselves out of phase with the universe - a very dangerous situation.

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Love is the Answer

For me, this means that as we begin to seek to understand our existence in Nature and our purpose in Life, or as we move from one level of consciousness to another, Love always knows the answer to every question of the mind. If Love stays in our consciousness, we will not get lost. We will stay conscious, and not fall asleep when change begins to accelerate around us. We will know and feel the presence of Great Spirit/Nature with each breath. The Unity of Life will become obvious. We will trust Life. We will love Life. Our Purpose will become clear.

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We, the Angels

Since at least the beginning of civilization 6000 years ago in Sumeria, angels have played an intimate role in the unfoldment of the human experience.

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Water Car Reality

The Water Car is Now a Reality Oxygen, oxygen everywhere and not enough to breath. Is the Water Car the solution? The One Consciousness is on every level of existence, is it not? Then I believe that in addition to meditation and consciousness expansion, or perhaps just to be of assistance, we could realize our amazing human potential and truly bring the world into balance even in its most confused state, by using what we know to be true, right here, right now at the 3rd Dimensional level, in the realm of Polarity Consciousness.

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