Living in the Hearts


Interview with Drunvalo

Marie spoke with Drunvalo at the January 2007, Earth-Sky / Living in the Heart workshop in Washington DC.

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The Meaning of Immortality

Beyond death - our last month's subject - lies an area of human consciousness that almost every religion and ancient culture worldwide has believed to be paramount in the human experience. The ancient Egyptians focused totally on the possibility of life after death. All the temples of the Nile, including the Great Pyramid, were dedicated to the preparation for dying and then living in another world.

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The Old Ones

Somewhere along the path from a natural state to a technological state, we have lost our sense of community and tradition. This alteration in our values represents a cultural breakdown. It is dysfunctional. If it is allowed to continue, it will eventually redefine the world as we know it.

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This Shall Not Affect Me

The year before the Spirit of Ma'at was launched, Drunvalo gave a workshop at the Omega Institute. Just as he is doing now with our webzine, at that workshop Drunvalo was absorbed in making it really real for people - in both the right brain and the left brain, mind and heart - what it means that we can all move up into the Light. He said that we need to see this, need to see that we really can change this planet with our consciousness. And we need to see it not only spiritually, but logically.

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Ascension: The Lifting of the Veils

Ascension has usually been conceived of as a process of movement to Heaven - a state of consciousness that we change into after we are done with our Earthly experience. Normally connected with the idea of death, ascension has previously had the connotation of "Up, up, and away!"

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