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Crop Circles A Teachingfrom Merlin

I want you to know right now that I am not speaking scientifically here. This is the story of a personal experience that lead me to certain conclusions, but there is no proof except within my own heart. Other researchers have noted that they believe the mystery of crop circles will never be solved by the logical left brain. . . that it will require both sides of the brain to "see" the answers. I offer this story for those who feel this way.

In 1993 I traveled to England to see for myself this crop circle phenomenon that I had been watching for many years from afar. Was it real? And if it was, what did it mean? If whoever was creating these circles were not humans, who were they? And further, why was this being done at this moment in history? What was really going on? My questions could go on for pages.

I wanted to feel and experience what it was like standing in one of these circles. Somehow I felt that I would understand more if I were there.

I went to England to stay for a month. It was to be the first time my feet would touch English soil, and I was excited.

During the first week, I gave a Flower of Life workshop. After that, I was free to follow my inner guidance and seek the source of this art that the English call "corn circles."

My body seemed to know exactly what to do, and so I allowed it to guide me. I was thus "pulled" to ancient Stonehenge.

This site is over 5,000 years old, but the energy, if you can feel it, is still perfectly defined. The circles - the rings of energy - I found to be clearly distinguishable. They were like thin circular walls of energy, perhaps even domes, separated by a short space of a few feet, centering on Stonehenge but extending far beyond it. I was intrigued.

I had felt something very similar in another ancient temple called Sacsayhuaman in Peru. According to my Peruvian guide, it was these rings of energy that had caused the Incas to build Sacsayhuaman where they did. And I instinctively felt that it was the same with Stonehenge, that they had placed the stones in these circles to match the energy field. Psychically, it seemed so clear.

The next day, I went to Avebury, one of the largest stone circles in England. I really had no choice. The energy just pulled me there, lightly tugging at my heart.

That night, I slept in an old English stone inn with a thatched roof, where the primary entertainment was drinking beer and talking with friends.

I remember feeling so vibrant. I could sense this interaction with my own energy field, and the fields first in Stonehenge and now in Avebury. Whatever form of communication was taking place here in this land, it was of a very high level. I was certain, at this point, that whoever was creating these crop circles knew that I was there.

Early the next morning I sat in my room and meditated. . . just being. Then suddenly, like the click of a light switch, I came out of my meditation and dressed quickly to leave for the stone circles. It was quite abrupt, and I had this sense that I must hurry.

Walking fast, I approached Avebury. But as I came close, everything slowed down, and I sensed that I was entering a different state of consciousness.

Now I was simply standing on the edge of these huge massive stones, in line with them, as though they were my brothers and sisters. They felt alive. The still morning air was absolutely silent. It was cool and slightly foggy. I just stood and witnessed.

Again, my body felt as though it was being nudged, this time to begin walking to my right, counterclockwise around the stone circle.

I moved from stone to stone, each one having a different "personality" of energy.

Suddenly, a particular stone appeared, and I almost ran up to it, it was so familiar. I leaned my back up against it and slid down the cold, hard surface to the ground. My eyes closed, and I instantly went into a deep meditation. This was not planned or considered. It just happened.

Avebury disappeared and a vast space opened before my eyes. In front of me, only a few feet away was an old man with a long white beard. He was wearing a purple and green robe holding a long stick in his right hand. Somehow, I knew this man.

Though he was old, his eyes looked young and strong. It was clear that he was about to communicate something to me. In his mind, he spoke in a deep voice with a keen sense of authority. I could do nothing but listen.

But the voice was speaking in Olde English with such a thick accent I could hardly understand what he was saying. I let him know my problem, but he just kept talking. Slowly, I began to "hear" him. He said his name was Merlin, and our spirits began to merge. I then knew what he was saying. I understood.

He told me that he and his friends were making the circles in the crops. By "friends" he meant what we would call the "Ascended Masters." These people represent the highest and most developed levels of human consciousness. Merlin also said that sometimes a few of the circles were being made by ET races, but not very many.

He then said that tomorrow he would prove it to me. His final words to me were that if I wanted to understand the crop circles, I would have to understand the history of England.

And with that he disappeared.

As I came back to the reality of the place where I was, it was like cold water being thrown in my face. It was shocking. I had been in such a deep trance that I "forgot" that I was in England at all. In a moment, I knew that something was going to happen soon that would be extraordinary, but I had no idea what it was going to be.

A final note: Later that day, I learned that the particular stone where I had had this vision was called the "Merlin Stone."

Exploration of the Past

With Merlin's words still ringing in my ears, I began to explore Avebury, and discovered many other aspects of this stone circle that are not very well known outside of England.

For example, I found out about the "Michael and Mary" lines that determine the location not only of Avebury and Stonehenge but of most of the stone circles in England. These two curving, living lines of energy - one male and the other female - move across the island from shore to shore, never varying more than 500 feet from a straight line. As improbable as this may seem, it is fact. The "Michael" mentioned here is Archangel Michael and the "Mary" is Jesus' mother.

I slowly became convinced that it is these Michael and Mary lines that must be studied to unravel the secret history that is unfolding and creating the crop circles. At least, this is what began to become clear to me as I walked within the circles.

And I had been right. Just being within the circles changed one's consciousness. Information began to flood into me.

Just to begin, there used to be 64 stone circles running from one end of England to the other, all within this straight Michael and Mary line. The Druids used these circles to maintain the balance of Mother Earth and nature. Many parts of Mother Earth's consciousness cooperated with the Druids to create this perfect balance.

The Celts, and many before them, lived this balance of nature, and created ceremonies to find the rhythm that was needed to continue living in balance with all the cycles of the Earth.

On the Spring equinox, for example, the Celts - who we call Pagans - would light a huge fire on the most eastern stone circle at the exact moment of sunrise. As the sunrise moved to the next stone circle, another fire would be lit. In this manner fires were lit in sequence as the sunrise moved across the island, and this let the people of the country know that the ceremony of the Spring equinox was taking place.

Then, in this ceremony which was called Beltane, people would go into the fields where their crops would grow for that year, and make love on the ground, lending their own procreative energy to that of the Sun and the Earth, and harmonizing with the energy of the moment. It was beautiful and simple.

It is also powerful to observe in connection with crop circles that all of the Pagan religions were based on the growing of the crops and the timing of nature to this creative process. Perhaps this explains why crops are being used now to make these communications. The circles start when the crops begin to ripen and finish with the last harvest. It is definitely "food" for thought.

Early Christianity in Britain

Merlin had said that understanding crop circles involved understanding the "history of England." As we will see, part of this history relates to what happened during the life of Jesus and after the crucifixion. Here is the story as I understand it from what Merlin told me.

When Jesus was born, everything began to change. When Jesus was twelve years old, his rich uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, took him to England to the island of Avalon (it was as island then, but now it is the area around Glastonbury). And later in life, Jesus returned one more time.

After Jesus died, the Druids asked Joseph to come back again, which I think he said happened in 33 AD.

When Joseph arrived, the head of the Druids - the Merlin (this is a title much like the Dalai Lama; there have been many Merlins) gave Joseph a gift of land. The land was directly below the sacred Druid hill called the Tor, where the first Christian church was built. It is now called the Abby of Glastonbury, and is the largest Christian church in the world, even today.

The monks of this abby traveled to Rome and built there the first church of what is now known as the Vatican, preparing the way for the first Pope, Peter. All of this happened with the blessings of the Druids.

And so we begin to realize that without the help of the Druids the Christian religion very well might not have survived, or even begun in the first place. In fact, it was the Druid Merlin of Arthur's time who helped the King band together what later came to be called the Knights of the Round Table. In those days, however, their purpose was to protect the new Christians from the Pagans as they went to church.

The Druids were protecting the Christians.

Why? Because, according to Merlin, Jesus was bringing a new view of the world that was the next step in evolution, and they wanted to support it.

We now need to see one more change from Paganism to Christianity. The 64 stone circles that were arranged in an almost straight line across England were of the greatest spiritual importance to the Pagans. And it was the Christians, in cooperation with the Druids, who dismantled most of these stone circles, then used the same stones to build the Christian churches of this new religion.

The stone circles were not located at random, but only where the male and female lines of energy crossed. The crossing was the very center of the ancient stone circles, and considered of vast importance in ancient times. Later, when the stones were dismantled, the exact center of the circle became the center of the altar of the new Christian church.

It was believed by the Christians that if this was done, the Pagans would come to these churches - and in fact it did work, but it took a long time.

So now, instead of stone circles, we have 64 Christian churches in a straight line across England, each one dedicated to either Archangel Michael or to Mother Mary, the beings for whom those two energy lines are named. (Is it not interesting that not one of these churches was dedicated to Jesus?)

The Proof

When I went to sleep that night after seeing Merlin, I wondered how he was going to prove to me that he and his "friends" were making the crop circles. I fell asleep thinking about him.

The next morning, I called the head of the crop circle database in England, to connect with them and see if there was anything I could learn. I still had not been in an actual crop circle.

This was eight years or so ago and I have forgotten the organization's name, but I believe they are still operating. A young woman answered, and we had a long conversation. At one point, she asked where I was calling from, and I told her the name of a little village very close to Avebury.

She hesitated for a second and then said, "We just received a report about 30 minutes ago that a new crop circle was seen alongside a highway very close to where you are. No one has been in the circle yet. Would you go over and investigate it and call us back?"

She told me where to go, and it turned out that it was just a short distance from where I had slept the night before. Excited to see my first crop circle, I jumped in the car and headed straight for it.

As I approached the circle, I couldn't make out what it was. It's hard when you're in something so big to see the overall picture. But after about twenty minutes of walking in the circle, I realized what the design was.

I was speechless.

After over twenty years of studying Sacred Geometry, I had come to a drawing that was paramount in my understanding of how all things were connected together. And this crop circle was that exact drawing!

Merlin's words resounded in my head: "I will prove it to you."

The feeling I had in my heart as I was walking through that crop circle was amazing. Even if I would never understand another crop circle again, I understood this one.

That night, as I was meditating, Merlin appeared to me again. He said that he was going to make two more crop circles of my drawings, so that I would know for absolute certain that what he was saying was the truth.

Over the next three days, he did exactly as he said. Two more of my drawings - drawings that were not in any of my books or known to the public - appeared, exactly as he had said.

So now I felt as though I understood who was making the crop circles: the highest levels of human consciousness. But I needed to understand why, and what was being said. I felt certain that Merlin would tell me.

The Inner and Outer Worlds

I was right about Merlin. He continued to guide me as I made my pilgrimage around the sacred sites of England, finding crop circle after crop circle. Almost always where a crop circle was found, a sacred site would be visible nearby. Even without Merlin's teaching, it seemed obvious that the ancient world was somehow integrated into this phenomenon.

One night, Merlin appeared and simply told me the whole connection with the Ascended Masters and the crop circles. It, too, seems obvious once it is heard, and once the history is known.

In a nutshell, what Merlin said was that before Jesus came, the Druids and the Pagan world saw Heaven as being inside the Earth. It was a way of seeing where everything sacred was contained in Mother Earth herself. This is why the stones were so sacred: because they came out of the Earth.

The Druids saw the stones as having a spirit, being alive. They also saw certain pools of water, wells, etc., as sacred, and as openings into the inner Earth and to Heaven itself. So prayers were not "up," but were "down." It was a view of life that saw everything as alive, including the Earth herself. The forests were filled with faeries and devas. The trees themselves were spirits of great power.

But the Pope came along and made all these ideas illegal. It was illegal to worship the stones, the wells, the trees, the devas, the sun, the moon, illegal to see them as alive.

This Christian prohibition has resulted in a modern consciousness that views the Earth as a lifeless rock and nothing more.

Further, the Pope turned the Pagan view of Heaven around so that Heaven became located in the stars!

So now, today, we pray to God and look up to the stars. We think of Heaven as being somehow in the stars. It never occurs to us that Heaven could be inside the Earth. That view is so old, it is almost dead.

And so Merlin told me that the ultimate communication of the crop circles is that the ancient view, that sees the Earth as alive, and the modern world, that sees it as dead, need to recombine. The two worldviews, if recombined, would create a consciousness that still extends out into space, but has reverence for the sacredness of the Earth.

Until we see the Earth as sacred, we will continue to kill her, and destroy our home. Merlin said that only from this viewpoint can humanity survive and continue into the stars.

The New Culture

It is also extremely interesting that a new culture has suddenly arisen in America and parts of Europe (beginning in England) that sees the Earth as a living spirit. And it was birthed just prior to the outbreak of crop circles in England in the mid-1960s.

It needs to be realized here that a new culture seldom arises on Earth. It is rare. The last cultural change occurred about 500 years ago.

In the February 1997 issue of the Dow Jones Demographic magazine, it was scientifically shown that this new culture encompassed at that time one in four Americans: 44 million adults (not counting children). Today, that figure is rapidly rising, and I'm told it is over 60 million.

The question must be asked, "Did the mandalas of the crop circles create or guide this new culture?"

One of the last questions would have to be, "Will this new culture change the destiny of the Earth with its way of combining within its consciousness both the ancient and the modern worlds?"

This new culture, called the "Cultural Creatives," is a consciousness that sees the Earth as holy and alive, and yet still reaches to the stars.

My conclusion is that crop circles have contributed, and are continuing to contribute, to changes in human consciousness that will ultimately alter the course of history.