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Water Car Reality

The Water Car is Now a Reality Oxygen, oxygen everywhere and not enough to breath. Is the Water Car the solution? The One Consciousness is on every level of existence, is it not? Then I believe that in addition to meditation and consciousness expansion, or perhaps just to be of assistance, we could realize our amazing human potential and truly bring the world into balance even in its most confused state, by using what we know to be true, right here, right now at the 3rd Dimensional level, in the realm of Polarity Consciousness.

Our fossil fuel addiction is perhaps one of the best places to begin; but there are an array of others to explore. Yes, even good-old George W. Bush agrees that we are addicted to oil. We are, in fact, in the exact-same position as a heroin addict. And like a heron addict, we will do anything to keep the flow of drugs coming.

Like a child, we can reach into the Universe of infinite possibilities, and find the one that helps us the best - so why not the possibility of something as simple as converting water into energy?

In the Spirit of Maat magazine, we have placed much of our focus on promoting water, all forms of water, including and especially sea water, as a fuel for automobiles and all combustion engines, as well as for household needs such as heating and electricity. With the rising oceans, we could do this for a few years with only positive effects until something much better comes along, and I believe it will.

Our original design for the water car was posted in the Spirit of Maat a few years back; even though it worked, it didn't have all the kinks worked out and it didn't work well enough to run an engine 100% on water; but it was a beginning, and it served to get the world interested in the possibility.

That possibility wasn't supported by certain untruths that our prevalent in the science community. In response to our original article many of you wrote to us, quoting from university textbooks worldwide, all saying that it takes more energy to split the bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen molecule in water than the amount of energy that will be created. This simply is NOT true as the following material will prove beyond any doubt. This is not the only untruth in present-day physics, by the way - going by the book doesn't always work.

View these video clips and make your own decision.

1. The Philippines has been driving over 100 cars on 100% sea water for over 30 years.

2. The United States has created an automobile running on water using electrolysis to run an average car 3,200 miles on a SINGLE gallon of water. See the Fox News video below.

3. Japan has just announced an automobile that runs on 100% water using an electric engine. Source is Reuters. This was announced worldwide only a few weeks ago.

This Japanese water car is simply taking the system of a Fuel Cell Hydrogen car, and replacing the pressurized hydrogen tank with an on-demand hydrogen source generated from 100% water. It is very simple. And at the same time, one of the greatest problems of the Fuel Cell system was eliminated, (the highly explosive pressurized hydrogen tank) making this Japanese car one of the safest cars ever invented.

There is more; look to see what was happening over the weekend of August 23, 2008 in Phoenix Arizona. The Arizona Republic newspaper ran a front page story about major automakers unveiling their hydrogen-powered cars and letting people take them out for a test drive. Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai-Kia, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and BMW are now all deeply involved in finding ways to work with hydrogen fuel, and creating vehicles that run solely on water.

4. Canada has announced that it has a system to heat homes, purify sewer water and create electricity, solely on 100% water.



Watch the above videos, and read the articles and realize that history is being made at this moment - and expect that very soon you will be driving your car, heating your home and producing your own electricity on 100% water.
This is only the beginning, for water is the bridge to other, even more incredible forms of energy such as Zero Point and Global Scaling, both of which are ready to go as soon as the water fuel technology becomes a reality.


I believe that we will need water for energy for just a few more years, for reasons that most of us are not aware of, and that go beyond its vehicular applications.

Why do we need water to generate energy? There are other possibilities for obtaining energy, and other ways to run cars. Why water?

Though humanity is now very concerned about Global Warming, as we should be, we are almost oblivious to other equally important environmental problems. The fact is that our oxygen levels in the atmosphere are being depleted every day from our cutting of trees, burning of different chemicals, such as the combustible engine using gasoline or diesel, and endless human activity that uses up oxygen.

Our oxygen content of the air on planet Earth has always been about 21% - unless you go back in time a few million years to when it was 35%. Now in our big cities all over the world, it has dropped to about16% depending on the city; in some cities it is dangerously low and unhealthy. Some scientists consider that oxygen deficiency is a growing disease that will eventually affect all of humanity and could even end humanity if we continue in the technological direction we are headed.

Consider the following information and realize that humanity cannot continue to reduce the oxygen content of the air.

Oxygen Content of Air:

Signs and Symptoms


15%-19.5% Decreased ability to work strenuously. May impair co-ordination and may induce symptoms in persons with coronary, pulmonary, or circulatory problems.

12%-15% Respiration deeper, increased pulse rate and impaired co-ordination, perception and judgment.

10%-12% Further increase in rate and depth of respiration, further increase in pulse rate, performance failure, giddiness, poor judgment and blue lips.

8%-10% Mental failure, nausea, vomiting, fainting, unconsciousness, ashen face, blue lips.

6%-8% 8 minutes may be fatal in 50-100% of exposures; 6 minutes may be fatal in 25-50% of exposures; 4-5 minutes, recovery with treatment.

4%-6% Coma in 40 seconds, convulsions, respiration ceases, death.

And this is a problem not only in the atmosphere, but also in the oceans. The problem goes even deeper when we understand that the atmosphere and the oceans are linked together in regard to oxygen.

Two years ago there were a vast number of locations within the world's oceans where the oxygen levels were so low that all life within those regions had either left or died. It took 35 years for it to reach that point. Unfortunately, this process has escalated rapidly; as of 2006 there were 200 oxygen dead zones - in only 2 years that number has increased to 400 locations.

Both on land and sea, oxygen is fast becoming a life and death environmental situation.
Read the following article that was released August 14th, 2008.

Ocean dead zones become a worldwide problem

August 14, 2008 12:00 PM EST WASHINGTON -

Like a chronic disease spreading through the body, "dead zones" with too little oxygen for life are expanding in the world's oceans.

"We have to realize that hypoxia is not a local problem," said Robert J. Diaz of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. "It is a global problem and it has severe consequences for ecosystems."

"It's getting to be a problem of such a magnitude that it is starting to affect the resources that we pull out of the sea to feed ourselves," he added.

Diaz and co-author Rutger Rosenberg report in Friday's edition of the journal Science that there are now more than 400 dead zones around the world, double what the United Nations reported just two years ago.

"If we screw up the energy flow within our systems we could end up with no crabs, no shrimp, no fish. That is where these dead zones are heading unless we stop their growth," Diaz said in a telephone interview.

The newest dead areas are being found in the Southern Hemisphere - South America, Africa, parts of Asia - Diaz said.

Some of the increase is due to the discovery of low-oxygen areas that may have existed for years and are just being found, he said, but others are actually newly developed.
Pollution-fed algae, which deprive other living marine life of oxygen, is the cause of most of the world's dead zones. Scientists mainly blame fertilizer and other farm run-off, sewage and fossil-fuel burning.

Diaz and Rosenberg, of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, conclude that it would be unrealistic to try to go back to pre-industrial levels of runoff.

"Farmers aren't doing this on purpose," Diaz said. "The farmers would certainly prefer to have their (fertilizer) on the land rather than floating down the river."

He said he hopes that as fertilizers become more and more expensive farmers will begin seriously looking at ways to retain them on the land.

New low-oxygen areas have been reported in Samish Bay of Puget Sound, Yaquina Bay in Oregon, prawn culture ponds in Taiwan, the San Martin River in northern Spain and some fjords in Norway, Diaz said.

A portion of Big Glory Bay in New Zealand became hypoxic after salmon farming cages were set up, but began recovering when the cages were moved, he said.

A dead zone has been newly reported off the mouth of the Yangtze River in China, Diaz said, but the area has probably been hypoxic since the 1950s. "We just didn't know about it," he said.

Some of the reports are being published for the first time in journals accessible to Western scientists, he said.

Nancy N. Rabalais, executive director of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, said she was not surprised at the increase in dead zones.

"There have been many more reported, but there truly are many more. What has happened in the industrialized nations with agribusiness as well that led to increased flux of nutrients from the land to the estuaries and the seas is now happening in developing countries," said Rabalais, who was not part of Diaz' research team.

She said she was told during a 1989 visit to South America that rivers there were too large to have the same problems as the Mississippi River. "Now many of their estuaries and coastal seas are suffering the same malady."

"The increase is a troubling sign for estuarine and coastal waters, which are among some of the most productive waters on the globe," she said.


If we switch to running our cars, boats, and airplanes etc., on water, start heating our homes with it, and start using electricity generated by water, we will begin to reverse the situation. The only molecules coming out of the tail pipe of an engine running on water are water vapor and oxygen, BUT THIS OXYGEN IS NOT COMING FROM THE ATMOSPHERE, IT IS COMING FROM THE WATER!!!!

Every time we drive a car on water, we are adding oxygen to the atmosphere and saving the life of the Earth that, just like us, breaths air. You could put your mouth up to the tail pipe of a water fuel car and breathe deeply with no ill effects; ironically, it would be cleaner than the air around you.

We understand the problem of too little drinking water on Earth, and perhaps only sea water would be legal. Somehow there must be a way.

This article is solely for your consideration and information, and hopefully you will find a way to continue changing the world so that life cannot only breathe and have what it needs, but so that every human being can find the health and joy that is their birthright as a global citizen.

And you can continue to meditate through the whole exciting 3rd Dimensional change!!!

In Love and Service,

Drunvalo Melchizedek